An App that Verbally Preps You For Your Showings,
Developed BY an Agent FOR Agents


Redeem your time with RealEPrept – a revolutionary, time – saving app for real estate agents! Know as much as you can about the homes you show, prior to your showing! Additionally, have that knowledge available at your fingertips as you tour.

This breakthrough app is like having your own personal assistant as it verbally  preps you for your showing and is totally customizable.

Redeem Your Drive Time

Tight schedule? Learn about your property while on the way to your property.

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Sanity-Saving Features

Home Specs

Get verbally prepped anytime on the specs of a home.
Helpful when preparing for, driving to, or even while touring – a showing. (English, Spanish, and Portuguese available.)

Map and Directions

A map icon is available next to your property’s address. Just click and it’ll get you there in the most convenient way.

Voice to Text

Allows you to speak the feedback your clients give you and automatically saves it as notes attached to each listing.

Everything you Need

RealEPrept supplies you with the knowledge you need to look and feel like the true professional you are in front of your clients.

Data on the Go

All data is stored in the app. A BIG time saver! You will be able to listen to the specs without Wi-Fi.

Do you hate your printer as much as I do mine? No more need for expensive ink and endless stacks of paper. No more searching those printouts or other apps for the listing info because now, all the knowledge you need, specific to the homes that you are personally showing, is all in one spot – the palm of your hand.

Why RealEPrept?

Fellow agent and founder of RealEPrept

To Start

Start at the home tab by entering the MLS numbers of the homes you will show (you may enter up to 10). You may also use the required address format [street number  street name street suffix  zipcode].


In the settings tab, you may “select all” to have it read you the entire available specs or customize it to only the specs you really want to hear about.

Feel Confident

You will have confidence during your showing with this valuable resource in your hand and your clients will appreciate the knowledge of the home that you are able to supply!

Get Informed

Prior to your showing, RealEPrept will verbally prep you on the home’s specs, bringing them to the forefront of your mind.

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“I love the eco friendliness of RealEPrept. I no longer need to print off tons of papers with the MLS specs. If I’m on the run I type in the MLS number and I’m good to go. Not only can I get a quick summary on the way to my showing, but I even have the option to play it for my clients while showing them the home!”


Have the house specs read to you (or your client) in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Download Today

Download today on Google Play for the low monthly price of $9.99 – cancel anytime. (iPhone version coming soon!)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up for a whole year?

No, RealEPrept has a month-to-month subscription. However, if you do purchase an annual membership, you will save 20%.

Where do you get the data from?

Currently, RealEPrept has a license agreement with PPAR and is only available to agents who are using the PPMLS. We do expect to expand in the near future.

Do I need internet access at a location to use this app?

If you have downloaded the MLS numbers, you do not need Internet access. However, if you are trying to download a property away from Wi-Fi the app may prompt you to turn off your Wi-Fi in order to access the listing. 

What areas do you service?

RealEPrept is currently pulling data from the Pikes Peak MLS, which includes El Paso and Teller counties, unless an agent has input their listing from another county into the Pikes Peak MLS. If that is the case, it will also pull those listings.

I keep getting the message "Property not found" when I try to input by address. What should I do?
When you are entering an address instead of an MLS number you must be sure and enter it exactly in the following format:
Ex. 2023 RealEPrept Lane 80900
The street suffix must be spelled out in full.
How do I delete a listing?

To delete just press down on the address and it will ask you if you are sure that you want to delete then choose yes or no. Please note that the notes attached to this address will be deleted as well.

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*Disclaimer RealEPrept is not responsible for incorrect information as we pull data directly from sites updated by the listing agents themselves. 
Plans and Pricing

Affordable Plans

You’ll be more efficient and less stressed with RealEPrept. For busy agents, this is a much-needed tool!

A mobile app made for agents, by an agent!

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